Program Overview

SIRVA® Home Benefits is Your Homebuying Rewards Program

Many companies and government institutions will provide a moving benefit to help employees relocate to a new part of the country for a new job or a change in positions. SIRVA is one of the world's largest moving and relocation companies and we execute thousands of relocations each year. Many organizations provide relocation benefits for their employees because they understand how much effort and cost goes into the moving process. Relocation benefits help their employees reduce the burden in time, money, and stress of the moving process. Unfortunately, the majority of people have to deal with the moving process on their own, whether they are moving across town or to a different part of the country. They still have to deal with the planning, cost, time commitment, and stress of a move.

The SIRVA Home Benefits Program Can Help

The idea behind this innovative program is to make available the moving process insights from SIRVA's 80 plus years of experience across many thousands of successful moves. Our goal is to help you understand the ins and outs of the moving process so you can get the best value for your dollar. Better yet, the SIRVA Home Benefits program lets you take advantage of the buying power of one of the world’s largest moving and relocation companies to save thousands of dollars through our moving related services programs.

Moving Process Resource Center

The SIRVA Home Benefits program has been developed to provide you with the tips, tricks, and guides to help you research and plan each part of your move. Along with this knowledge, we provide services that allow you to take advantage of our buying power to save significant dollars on many aspects of the moving process.

Explore the SIRVA Home Benefits website to learn more about our various programs and free resources that can help you make your next move your best move!