Our Moving Process

Get Rolling With The Moving Services Program
Getting started with the moving process is as easy as contacting us online or by phone. One of our SIRVA® Home Benefits consultants will get the details about your move and connect you with a top rated Allied or North American professional mover in your area. Your local expert will provide you with a free in-home assessment of your moving needs and help you develop a detailed moving plan and cost estimate based on your needs.

What to Expect In the Moving Process
We Will Help Get You to Your New Home in 5 Easy Steps

1. Preparation: The first step to any successful move is to get an in-home estimate of the items you would like to move. At that time, your Move Coordinator will explain all of your moving service options and let you know if there are items that can’t be move or that might have special packing needs.

Don’t forget to show your Move Coordinator all storage areas and closets for a more accurate estimate.

2. Moving day: On the big day, be sure (if you can’t be present) that you have a responsible representative at your home in order to sign the bill of lading and the inventory list. On moving day, your Driver and Packer will be responsible for the following:

  • Protecting your home and items during the loading process
  • Preparing an inventory list of things to be moved
  • Labeling all moving boxes to ensure all items are accounted for
  • Loading your boxes into the moving truck
  • Providing a bill of lading (your shipping contract), which authorizes that they can transport your items
  • Safely delivering your items to your new home

You will be asked to sign an Inventory and Condition report, ensure you read through it and agree with all notations before you sign.

3. Delivery day: Once you reach your final destination, it is important that you contact your Move Coordinator directly in order to coordinate your delivery details. The driver will then contact you 24-hours before prior to the arrival time.

The Driver and the Crew will be responsible for reassembling any items that were disassembled for the move. It’s a good practice to check off items on the Customer Check-off sheet, as they’re brought in to ensure all items make it into your new home safely. If for some reason, you notice something has been damaged or missing, make a note on the Inventory sheet and on your driver’s copy, then notify your Move Coordinator immediately.

Expedite the unloading process by creating a diagram of your new home that explains where your large furniture and boxes will go.

4. Payment: Unless special circumstances occur, your Driver (by law) is required to collect payment for the move before the unloading process begins.

Be sure to get a copy of the Bill of Lading, as that will serve as your receipt.

5. Unpacking: If you purchased unpacking services, your Crew will unpack your items as they are unloaded and will remove all moving boxes and items once they are finished.

If you’re doing the unpacking yourself. Consider recycling your boxes once you’re finished.

For more information about how to plan for a successful move, visit our moving resource center