Why Choose Home Benefits?

With SIRVA’s experience as one of the world’s largest moving and relocation companies we developed a no-cost program that provides you with savings, expert knowledge and resources to help you plan each aspect of your move. Our team of homebuying experts can assist you with finding a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home, selecting a mortgage that fits your financing needs, and choosing the right moving option to get you to your new destination.
Homebuying Resource Center
bigstock-African-American-realtor-woman-156924011Reasons to Use A Real Estate Agent

If you’re extra budget conscious, you might be thinking about selling your home on your own. Before you make a final decision on whether you will use a real estate agent or not – you should consider a few things first.

bigstock-Garage-sale-sign-on-the-shady--187823692(1)Biggest Garage Sale Mistakes

It’s that time of year again; time to think about spring cleaning. If you have enough to get rid of, you might be considering a garage sale. Before you jump in headfirst, be smart and learn from others’ past mistakes.

bigstock-Mortgage-Property-Residential--156555344Appriasal Myths Debunked

The appraisal process can be frustrating. It never seems like your home is valued where you think it should be valued. It’s hard (as a seller) not to feel like the whole thing is “rigged” by the buyer. So, in order to get an objective opinion – we’ve found some good information from The Appraisal Foundation that will set the record straight once and for all – and will hopefully make your upcoming appraisal more enjoyable (if an appraisal can be enjoyable).