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In connection with the sale or refinance of your current home, or the purchase of a new home, it may be necessary for you to obtain certain settlement services including mortgage, real estate brokerage and/or title agency/closing services.  When you are selecting a provider of these services, please be advised that the companies listed below are all affiliated as part of the SIRVA family of companies.  SIRVA is pleased to recommend its affiliated companies for your consideration in the use of any such services.

Affiliated Settlement Service Companies*
SIRVA Mortgage, Inc. (Mortgage Lender)                         
DJK Residential, LLC (Real Estate Broker)           SIRVA Relocation LLC (Real Estate Broker) 
SIRVA Settlement, Inc. (Title Agency)                  SIRVA Settlement of Alabama, Inc. (Title Agent)

You are receiving this notice because at least one the SIRVA affiliated companies is referring you to one or more of the other of SIRVA companies listed above.  Please note that each member of the SIRVA family of companies has a beneficial relationship with the other companies as they all have common ownership.  Because of this relationship, your use of any of these affiliated companies may provide the particular SIRVA Company that you are initially working with a financial or other benefit.  For example if you are currently working with DJK Residential and they refer you to SIRVA Mortgage, Inc., DJK may receive a benefit due to the common ownership of the companies. 

Set forth below is a standard list of items for which there may be costs related to each service and the estimated range of fees for the services.  Not all fees may be applicable (depending on the State in which your home is located and, if applicable, your company's relocation policy) and charges for each particular item may vary.  Please contact your SIRVA representative for more specific information on how our family of companies can assist you and provide services to fit your needs. While we encourage you to use these affiliated companies, other settlement service providers exist who may offer similar services and fees. You are not required to use any of these affiliated companies. You are free to shop other service providers to confirm you are receiving the best rates and services.

Mortgage Lending Services:   SIRVA Mortgage, Inc.

Possible loan origination fees and related charges: Generally .5%-2% of your home value.  Fees may include: Application Fee, Tax Service Fee, Underwriting Fee, Commitment Fee, Lender’s Attorney Fee, Escrow Waiver Fee, Origination Charge and/or Discount Points (fees as applicable and where permitted by law).

Real Estate Services:           DJK Residential, LLC

Real Estate Broker Commissions for home or condominium sales are always negotiable, but usually run between 4%-7% of home or condominium value and are generally paid by the Seller. Commissions for brokerage services for rental properties are generally up to 15% of the first year's rent and are paid by the Lessee.

Real Estate Services:           SIRVA Relocation LLC

Provides real estate referral services to licensed real estate brokers and agents through its real estate services, property management services and corporate housing divisions. 

Title Agency/Closing Services:       SIRVA Settlement, Inc.; SIRVA Settlement, Inc. of Alabama

Possible title-related fees: Generally 1% of home value.  Fees may include: Title Search Fee, Title Review Fee, Attorney's Fees, Commitment Fee, Escrow Fee, and Closing Service Fee.

While we encourage you to use these affiliated companies, other settlement service providers exist who may offer similar services and fees.  You are not required to use any of these affiliated companies as a condition or requirement of the use of any of the services available through any of the SIRVA family of companies, your relocation or our relocation services; the sale of your current home; the purchase of your new home or as a precondition to using any of our other services or affiliated company services.**  You are free to compare fees and services and to obtain any or all of these services elsewhere.

Please acknowledge receipt of this disclosure below and promptly return to SIRVA at your earliest convenience.

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*SIRVA has other affiliated companies, including Allied Van Lines® and northAmerican® Van Lines, that are not directly involved in the mortgage, real estate brokerage or title agency/closing services.

**Depending on the state, the seller or buyer of the property may be permitted to select the title agent/agency.